Pleasure and data? Is there such a rishta? We said yes, oui, haan!

How does acknowledging that young people want pleasure change the questions we ask and the research we do on their love/sex lives? Can taking pleasure seriously, transform the programmes, policies, curriculums and laws we create? #LoveSexAndData asked - is Pleasure the secret ingredient that data needs in order to be useful and relevant to our life and create a more just society?

The Love, Sex and Data Conference: A 3-day digital conference that took place from 7-9th October, 2021 was organised by Agents of Ishq and The YP Foundation to deep dive into these questions through keynotes, panels, workshops, performances, afterhours interactions and more!

3 days, 36 events, 60 speakers - thank you to everyone who joined us in bringing in the pleasure lens to our work (and our life!) as students, activists, educators, NGO workers, researchers, writers or really, whoever you are!

A first-of-its-kind conference dedicated to sex and pleasure in India? We said - you need to come ya (in more ways than one if you like *wink wink*) and you did - all 1663 of you!


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Vinay Chandran (Sahaya - Queer Helpline)

Vinay is a peer counsellor on the Sahaya Telephone Helpline (estd. 2000) and has been providing support services for LGBTQIA+ people through Swabhava (estd. 1999). He is also a trainer and researcher and is currently working on looking at healthcare discrimination experiences of LGBTQIA+ people.

Jyotsna Siddharth

Jyotsna Siddharth is an India Lead for Gender at Work. They are also an actor, artist, intersectional queer activist and writer. Jyotsna co-founded social art projects - Sive (2017), founded Project Anti Caste Love (2018), Dalit Feminism Archive (2019). They have Masters in Development Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and Social Anthropology from School of Oriental and African Studies, London. Jyotsna is a recipient of Chevening Scholarship, British High Commission, United Kingdom (2014-15), in 2020 was featured as 40 under 40 by Edex and The New Indian Express.

Dr. Kavita Mangnani (HAQ)

Dr. Kavita Mangnani is a clinical psychologist by profession and has completed her Ph.D in psychology in 2018. She is currently working in HAQ: Centre for Child Rights as Director: Restorative Care. HAQ: Centre for Child Rights is a Delhi based non-profit organisation working for the rights of children. She has extensive experience of dealing with children with psychiatric illness and disabilities. She has been active in the field of child protection from the last 7 years and has provided psycho-social support to children who are victims of abuse and violence. She has provided training to various key stakeholders such as teachers, students and principals on the issues of children sexual abuse and its psychological impact. She has also been a part of various capacity building programs for different stakeholders dealing with cases of abuse and understanding its effect on the mental health of children.

Satyendra Kumar

Satyendra Kumar is a Co-Founder of Centre for Social Equity and Inclusion (CSEI) and currently evolving a national collective of Dalit, Adivasi, Muslim, NTs/DNTs young leaders known as National Youth Equity Forum (NYEF). The organisation is concerned with deepening democracy and developing our body politic by promoting equity and social inclusion of marginalised children and young people for their social, economic and cultural (SEC) rights. Satyendra has completed his studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) along with several international exposure and training around leadership, community development and entrepreneurship education. With more than 15 years of working and networking experiences across the globe, his passion and expertise lies around youth rights and promotion of social equity and inclusion. He is also an Acumen fellow for 2019, CSIP Research fellow 2020 and EIR Fellow in CIE in IIIT-Hyderabad 2020.

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