Pleasure and data? Is there such a rishta? We said yes, oui, haan!

How does acknowledging that young people want pleasure change the questions we ask and the research we do on their love/sex lives? Can taking pleasure seriously, transform the programmes, policies, curriculums and laws we create? #LoveSexAndData asked - is Pleasure the secret ingredient that data needs in order to be useful and relevant to our life and create a more just society?

The Love, Sex and Data Conference: A 3-day digital conference that took place from 7-9th October, 2021 was organised by Agents of Ishq and The YP Foundation to deep dive into these questions through keynotes, panels, workshops, performances, afterhours interactions and more!

3 days, 36 events, 60 speakers - thank you to everyone who joined us in bringing in the pleasure lens to our work (and our life!) as students, activists, educators, NGO workers, researchers, writers or really, whoever you are!

A first-of-its-kind conference dedicated to sex and pleasure in India? We said - you need to come ya (in more ways than one if you like *wink wink*) and you did - all 1663 of you!


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Anuja Ghosalkar

Anuja Ghosalkar is the founder of Drama Queen—a documentary theatre company, evolving a unique form of theatre in India since 2015. Her practice focuses on personal histories, archival absences and blurring the hierarchies between audience and performer—to extend the idea of theatre to create audacious work. Iterations around form and process, modes of (social) media, sites, technologies, reclaiming narratives on gender and intimacy are critical to her performance making and pedagogy. Her performances and workshops have been programmed by University of Oxford, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Serendipity Arts Festival, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Forum Transregionale –ZMO, Frankfurt University, among others. Anuja is the co-curator of the international workshop series on documentary theatre with Kai Tuchmann—that programmed artists like Gob Squad, Boris Nikitin, Rimini Protokoll, Zhao Chuan. With Tuchmann she curated VR based performances for the Serendipity Arts Virtual 2020. As visiting faculty at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology she leads practice based pedagogy. She has written on film and performance for Nang Magazine, Art India, Bioscope, Hakara.

Michael Liu

Michael received his Bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering from Northeastern University in China, and his Masters in Social Development from the University of Sussex, England. He used to work as the Vice Director and Project Manager at the Consultation Center of AIDS Aid and Health Service for 10 years. He also works as a Consultant at Northeast Transgender Support Network. These two non-governmental organisations both advocate for LGBTI+ rights, HIV/AIDS support services, and sex workers' human rights advocacy in Asia and the Pacific region. In May 2020, Michael joined APNSW as the Communications and Policy Officer to work on sex workers' human rights protection.

Anne Philpott (The Pleasure Project)

Anne is a public health professional, pleasure propagandist and 'guerrilla girl' of HIV prevention. She founded The Pleasure Project in 2004. The Pleasure Project forges connections between the world of public health, academia and media and is globally recognised as the agency that has championed putting pleasure into safer sex education. The Pleasure Project received the WAS Award for Innovation in Sexuality Education in 2021. Anne is published widely in health journals and the media. She has a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Health Policy. She has worked in sex education and public health promotion in communities, research agencies and for government donor agencies.

Vijeta Kumar (The Open Dosa)

Vijeta Kumar teaches English & Journalism at St. Joseph's College, Bangalore. She likes writing about films, books, food, and teaching. Her work has been published in Deccan Herald, India Today, The Ladies Finger, The White Review, and Agents of Ishq. She curates The Rohith Vemula Archive at The Open Dosa (opendosa.in) At the moment she is torn between the book she is not writing and the PhD she has not started. You can read more of her work at rumlolarum.com. She finds momentary peace in endless cups of chai.

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